• The demons get stomped on each mile. They’re not even a thought in Dianne Majeroni’s mind. Why should they be? The Ridgeland resident will be in Massachusetts for the Boston Marathon on Monday, running in the country’s premier race. Majeroni doesn’t have time to slow down and give life to a dark past.

    She’s too busy running. The demons remain buried.


If you see a perpetually smiling man this weekend wandering the Harbour Town Clubhouse on Hilton Head, maybe eavesdropping on a few conversations, feel free to return his smiles and continue your chat.

Don’t mind him, he’s just soaking in the culmination of 10 months of planning and tinkering and implementing subtle details that turned a $23 million project into a priceless sight.


We are grateful for Dianne Majeroni’s courage. Our intention last week was to talk to the Ridgeland resident about her upcoming run in the Boston Marathon.

She’s the only county resident registered to compete in Monday’s race and we were excited to tell her story.

But Majeroni’s story is about more than just running 26.2 miles. She came to our office ready to talk about the marathon, but also about why she runs.

She admitted initial reluctance, but she said she wanted to help others. She told her story.