• For almost a century, moonshine distribution has been a well-kept secret, straddling the line between what is legal and what is socially acceptable.

    Fast forward 100 years and now American moonshine distilleries are legally able to sell the products that not only made certain individuals enemies of the law, but also helped keep food on the table for struggling families.

    One company, hoping to be a business model for the industry, is taking the lead right here in Ridgeland.


Jasper County’s Relay For Life needs a serious boost.

The annual event to raise cancer awareness was scheduled for this Friday in Ridgeland, but enthusiasm — and monetary support — for the cause has been lukewarm.

American Cancer Society’s Heather Lanning, in her second year as the county’s Relay For Life community manager, said there’s a dedicated group of 10 people who are part of Jasper’s committee, but that’s not nearly enough to inspire the community to get involved.