• Imagine a place in Jasper County where students can tour educational exhibits and get hands-on experience learning Lowcountry history.

    That scenario is only months away.

    The Daniel O. Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage is a new museum located in the heart of downtown Ridgeland at the intersection of Jacob Smart Blvd. and Main Street and is slated to open late summer.

    Director for the center Annmarie Reiley said the first stage of construction is underway and should be complete by late June.


Philip Rhodes’ tenure at Thomas Heyward Academy has ended. He’s leaving at the close of the school year after 28 years as a coach, educator and athletics director.

Rhodes said he’s still energetic and loves working with the kids and knows he’ll miss football Fridays, but the 66-year-old Ridgeland resident said it’s time to step away.

“It’s probably time to leave,” said Rhodes, who noted he’s leaving the school, but will seek other employment. “All good things come to an end and we’ll see where other things lead me.”


There are three weeks left in the legislative session and the drumbeat in Columbia for a massive gas-tax increase is now deafening; all the major lobbying groups are crying in a single chorus: “Higher taxes to fix our roads!”

The House has obliged, passing a bill to raise taxes by $360 million annually. And the Senate Finance Committee almost doubles down, jacking up that tax increase to $708 million annually, and the House bill as amended is about to be debated by the full Senate.

Here is where I stand, and why.