Ridgeland Cemetery part of Wreaths Across America

  • Martin Sauls, far left, is pictured here with the the Wreaths Across America Committee.The committee includes Mary Wallace Berry, Steve Rountree, Paul Gill, Pam Gill and Brenda Thomas. Photo by Shellie Murdaugh/Jasper County Sun Times

Beautiful wreaths will adorn the graves of the veterans in Jasper County for a nationwide ceremony Dec. 16.

Ridgeland Cemetery has joined the effort to support the mission to remember, honor and teach as an official Wreaths Across America location for 2017.

This is the first year the cemetery will participate in the national event.

“This recognition that our veterans deserve is long overdue,” coroner Martin Sauls of Sauls Funeral Home said. “A lot of people don’t realize just how many men and women served in World War II and the military in Jasper County. When you see all of these wreaths in the Ridgeland Cemetery it will give you a sense of pride and thankfulness to all that served.”

Wreaths Across America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to continue and expand the annual wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery begun by Maine businessman Morrill Worcester in 1992.

Mary Wallace Berry, coordinator for the Ridgeland initiative, said the ceremony is not to recognize just those we’ve lost, but also those who have served or are serving our country.

To be eligible for a cemetery to participate, an application is required and a ceremony must be held; there must be a coordinator; and seven wreaths must be presented during a ceremony representing each branch of service.

In conjunction with the 2017 National Remembrance Ceremony, a free ceremony open to the public will be held at the Ridgeland Cemetery on Dec. 16 at noon. The program allows those interested to purchase a wreath ahead of the ceremony that will be placed on the graves of all veterans.

“Those who served and even those who have served or are currently serving need to be recognized,” Berry said.

Berry said the response from the public has been great, with all veterans’ graves set to have wreaths placed on them. There has been a list of 153 names gathered by several of the committee members who spent time researching the cemetery to locate the veterans buried in it.

Berry said plans are to hold the event each year.

Wreaths are $15 each. To purchase one, send a check payable to Wreaths Across America, 1 Pelot Court, Bluffton, S.C. 29909.

If you have a family member who served that was buried in the Ridgeland Cemetery that might not be on the list, which can be found at jaspersuntimes.com, or if you would like to check the list, contact Berry at mwberry1975@gmail.com.

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Ridgeland Cemetery in Ridgeland has joined the effort to support the mission to remember, honor and teach as an official Wreaths Across America location. If you know a veteran interred in the Ridgeland Cemetery who is not listed, email mwberry1975@gmail.com.

Julian Henry Able, 1926-1981, US Army, WWII

Grace Elizabeth Beach, 1916-1959, US Navy, WWII, Korea

Benjamin David Bedell, 1889 - 1961, US Navy, WWI

Richard Baker Bedell, 1926 - 2011, US Navy

James O. Benton, 1923-1941, Air Corps, WWII

Ervin Holland Berry, 1916-1994, US Army Air Corp, WWII

Percy Mandell Berry, 1912-1956, US Army, WWII

Edward S. Blakely, 1910-1974, US Army, WWII

Lloyd Bowers, 1925-2015, SGT,US Marine Corps, WWII

Steven Benjamin Branch, 1920-1987, US Army, WWII

Luke Brown, 1919-2013, US Navy

Charlie M. Browning, 1929-1950, US Army, Korea

Samuel E. Buckner, 1892-1950, US Army, WWI

Ivey Leonard Bunton, 1915-1971, SC3, US Navy, WWII

James Langford Byrd, 1918-1994, US Navy, WWII, Korea

Roland McNair Byrd, 1921-1976, US Navy

Peter James Campagna, 1896- 1952, US Army, WWI

Clarence E. Catterton, 1915-1971, US Army, WWII

Charles Ervin Cook, 1914-1976, US Army, WWII

William E Cook, 1918-1989, US Army Air Forces

Joseph Edward Cope, 1921-1971, US Navy, WWII

Charles Cozart, 1947-1996, US Army

Joseph Marion Crapse, 1922-1964, Army Air Forces, WWII

Joseph Marion Crapse, Jr., 1947-2006, US Army

John William Cummings, 1947-2006, WWII

Clarence R. Daley, 1910-1971, US Army, WII

Archie Berlmont Davis, 1924-2001, U.S. Army

Wilson Sherwood Davis, 1911- 2001, Merchant Marine, WWII

Claude E Dean, 1922-2016, US Navy, WWII

Charles William Degler, 1920- 2002, US Army

Wayne Clair Dell, 1946- 2010, US Marine Corps

Henry Eugene Dempsey, 1915- 1954, US Navy

Robert Mitchell Drew, 1924-1979, US Army, WWII

Frederick Emmett Ducey, 1925-2011, US Army Air Forces, WWII

Marion Otto Dunning, 1887-1963, US Army Air Corps, WWI

John P Durden, 1919-1991, US Army, WWII

Junius Gather Ellis, 1920-1995, US Army, WWII

Archie T.English, 1909-1969, US Army, WWII

Henry Edgar Fickling, 1900-1986, WWII

Gordon James Fisher, 1932-1998, US Air Force, Korea

Edward Isaiah Floyd, 1923-1989, US Merchant Marine, WWII

John Holmes Floyd, 1927-2001, US Army, WWII

Roy Bruce Floyd; 1918- 989, US Army

Arnold Berg Garbade, 1919-1993, US Army Air Forces, WWII

Ben Tillman Gill, 1892-1985, US Army, WWI

June Welsh Gill, 1918-2011, US Army Air Forces, Nurse, WWII

Paul Dargan Gill, 1919-2009, US Air Force, WWII, Korea

Ronald Kay Green, 1937-2012, Medical Services Corp.

Richard K. Guillory, 1928 -2009, US Navy

Herbert Preston Hagins, 1924-1945, Lost in Action over Austria

Herbert P Hagins, 1890-1969, WWI

Paul W.Hair, 1942-1992, US Coast Guard

Ray Donald Haymans, 1949-2014, US Veteran

Walter Curtis Haymans, 1914-1997, US Army, WWII

Joseph Albert Heape, 1923-1960, US Air Force, WWII

Lloyd M. Heape, 1915-1995, US Army, WWII

Edgar Elton Hendricks, 1908-1944, Merchant Marine

John David Herndon; US Merchant Marines

Farris Highsmith, 1920- 1995

Timmy Hilderbran, 1930-2003, US Army

Harry Everett Hogsett, 1928-2000, US Navy

Edward William Horton,1922-2007, US Army Air Forces, WWII

Julius E.Horton, 1916-1981, US Navy, WWII

Norman M Horton; 1934- 2014; US Navy

Charles C Hudson, 1901-1963, US Army Air Forces, WWII

Fredrick Millard Ingram,1920-2006, US Army, WWII

Henry Edward Ingram, 1916-1978, US Navy, WWII

Minnie M Ingram, 1915-2005, US Army, WWII

Leon F Jackson, 1896 -1979, WWI

David M Jameson, 1914-1970, US Navy, WWII

Sanders Jenness, 1904-1980, US Navy, WWII

Elbert Woodrow Jones, 1915-1966, US Navy, WWII

James Holland Jordan, 1922-2001, US Army, WWII

Ronald Peyton Jordan, 1924-1961, WWII

Bruce Charles Joslin, 1951-2009, US Marine Corps

Gregory A. Joslin, 1962 -1992, US Marine Corps Reserve, 1981-1987

Leslie Connor Kemmerlin, 1918-2001, US Veteran

Carl Grady Kilpatrick, 1929-1996, US Air Force, Korea

George V. Lane, 1919-1980, WWII

James Hammie Langford, 1908-1942, US Army, WWII

Owen Roosevelt Lowther; 1909- 1965; US Army

Enoch Lowther, 1922-1961, US Army Air Forces, WWII

Roosevelt B. Lowther, 1930-1967

Harvey G. Lucas, 1932 -2012, US Army

Ralph Waldo Lucas, 1894-1977, US Army, WWI

David Clarence Malphrus, 1924-2014, US Army, WWII

J Lavaughn Malphrus, 1930-1986, Korea

Tommie McCallister, US Army

George McCormack, 1925-2003, US Navy, WWII

Rudolph Leon McCormack, 1921-2014, US Navy, WWII

Herman R. McDougall, 1947-2006, SH3, US Navy

Raymond Eugene Mears, 1916-1996, US Army, WWII

Robert Buchanan Mears, 1932-2015, US Army, Korea

William H Mears, 1918-1985, Staff Sgt.,U.S. Air Corps, WWII

Ronald Gary Mills, 1938-1985, US Marine Corps, Vietnam

Cloyd Richard Moser, 1946-1998, US Army, Vietnam

Wyman D Nettles, 1922- 2008; US Air Force

Clyde Kenneth Outlaw, 1937-2010, US Army

Hugo Sheridan Padgett, 1926-2000, US Army, WWII

Willie Quincy Padgett, 1926-2006, US Army, WWII

James Monroe Parnell, 1934-2009, US Air Force

Richard A. Patrilla 1930-2003, Sgt., US Army, Korea

Tommie H. Peeples, 1917-1979, US Air Force, WWII Korea

Nelson Perry, 1896-1969, US Army, WWI

Robert J. Petermann, 1937-1997, US Army

Elliott Phillips, 1910-1984, US Army, WWII

Preston Phillips, 1914 -1964, WWII

William A Powell; 1913-1993; U S Army

William Clyde Preacher, 1928-1953 WWII, Korea, Killed in Action

Roy L. Prescott, 1891-1947, US Marine Corps, WWI

James Irvin Reese, 1919-1998, US Army, Sgt., WWII

Earl Payson Reynolds, 1925 -2000, WWII Korea, US Air Force

Willie E Reynolds, 1929-1962, US Navy, Korea

James Roland Rhodes, Jr; 1939- 2010; US Army National Guard

James Roland Rhodes, Sr; 1915- US Army Air Force

James A. Richardson, 1922 -1993, US Navy, WWII

Albert Adolph Ritter, 1922-1982, US Army, WWII

Edward A. Ritter, 1918-1982, Merchant Marine

James Patrick Rivers, 1924-1972, US Marine Corps, WWII, Korea

James F. Rivers, 1910 - 1968;

Rubin Thayer Rivers, 1909-1967, US Army, WWII

David Robinson; 1954-1993; US Army

Charles Pinckney Ryan, 1924-1991, US Navy, WWII

George Ervin Sanders, 1922 -1992, US Army Air Corps, WWII

Irby Frazier Sanders, 1925 -1956, WWII

John Theodore Sauls, 1923-1995, US Army, WWII

Wallace H. Sauls, 1932-2008, US Army

Steve E Scoggins, 1912- 1991, US Army, WWII

Robert L Sensenbach, 1908-1978, US Army, WWII

Norris Herman Sheffield, 1925-2005; US Navy, WWII

James Grant Shuman, 1922-1973; US Army, WWII

Andrew Lewis Simmons, 1923-2008, US Air Force, WWII

Charles M Skipper, 1893-1937, US Army, WWI

Curtis Leon Smart, 1922-2006, US Air Force, WWII, Korea, Vietnam

Jacob Edward Smart,1909-2006, Citizen, Soldier, Airman

Grover Cleveland Smith, 1892-1960, US Army, WWI

Horace Deen Smith, 1914-1973, Merchant Marine

Gene Quinton Taylor, 1927-1949, US Army, WWII

James Richard Taylor, 1944- 2013, SP4, US Army

James F. Taylor, 1924-2008, US Navy, WWII

Sidney C. Taylor, 1893-1943, WWI

William F .Taylor, 1925 - 1956, US Army Air Forces, WWII

LeRoy R. Thomas, 1916 -1993, US Marine Corps, WWII

Aubrey Rowe Tillman, 1913-1968

William H. Turpin, 1915-1963, US Marine Corps, WWII

Garnett B. Tuten, 1925-2001, US Army, WWII

Jewel Wesley Tuten, 1914-1981, US Army, WWII

Morris G. Tuten, 1927-2007, US Army

Esman S. Ulmer, 1925-1993, WWII

Marvin Vaigneur, 1925-1999

James Albert Vaughan, 1904-1981, US Navy, WWII

William B. Verell, 1916-1970

Henry Chester Walker, 1936- 2014, US Army

Herbert Anderson Wall, 1921- 1970, US Navy, WWII

Herbert Anderson Wall, 1944-2012, US Air Force, Vietnam

Marion Bricen Welch; 1890- 1977; US Navy

Charles M Williams, 1920-968, US Army Air Forces, WWII

Charles Perry Wilson, 1920 -1998, US Army, WWII

David R Witt, 1923-1996,US Army

Homer Woods, 1892-1955, WWII

Josiah H Woods, 1895-1949, US Army, WWI

Joey Alfred Woodward, 1938- 1994; US Air Force

Source: Wreath Across America committee