Students participate in mock DUI crash as part of Prom Promise

The students at RHHS watched as Jasper County and South Carolina law and rescue agencies reenacted a DUI scene Tuesday morning.

The students were educated on the possible outcomes of impaired driving. Impaired driving includes both drunk driving and distracted driving, like texting while driving. RHHS' annual prom is next Friday and this reenactment was to show how one poor decison - to get in a car with a drunk or distracted driver or to be the drunk/distracted driver - can turn a happy night into a nightmare.

The agencies who showed up to educate the students of Jasper County included: 

South Carolina Highway Patrol 
Town of Ridgeland Fire Department
Town of Ridgeland Police Department 
Hardeeville Police Department 
Jasper County Sheriff's Office
Jasper County Coroner's Office
Bluffton Police Department
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division 
LifeStar Air Ambulance 
Jasper County School District 
Step of Faith Christian Academy
Jasper County Fire-Rescue
New Life Center
Jasper County TRUST Coalition